Saturday Morning Polish  :

 A1 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

 A2 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

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starts on 14th of March.

The enrollment is still open!

Check for groups with free places in them.

Contact us

We're located in the heart of Podgorze quarter in a historical building at:

ul. Kalwaryjska 3/3
30-509 Kraków , Poland

Office hours: Mon-Fri - 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Classes are held at:

- ul.Kalwaryjska 3/3 

- ul.Sokolska 13, sala 14b, I p.

- ul.Sokolska 13, sala 23d , II p.


phone no. (0048)12 2667399  / (0048)694767838


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Pokaż Centrum Języków Śródziemnomorskich Sensapolis na większej mapie

Bank transfer details:

The recipient's name: SensaLingua Magdalena Turbańska

The recipient's address: ul.Groble 25 , 34-100 Wadowice

Bank account number for internal transfers: 52 1140 2004 0000 3202 7228 9484

Bank account number in IBAN : PL52114020040000320272289484


If the transfer is made by an enrolled student please only indicate in the transfer the course name you have enrolled for. Otherwise, please also state the student's name.





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