Saturday Morning Polish  :

 A1 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

 A2 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

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starts on 14th of March.

The enrollment is still open!

Check for groups with free places in them.

Course features


Here's how you wil be guided through your route to fluency :

  • sit a placement test to determine your level of a desired language
  • join a class with other students of the same level
  • embark on a first class course to develop yourself across all four language skills
  • receive constant feedback, due guidance and monitoring
  • receive continual assessment through class tutorials, homework and regular level tests
  • acquire confidence your learning is on track as you progress towards fluency.

  The courses at Sensapolis feature:

  •  carefully elaborated customized learning methods based on years of professional experience
  •  100% support of interactive whiteboards (IWB) for better learning
  •  multimedia games and activities 
  •  rich visual and aural resources included free of charge
  •  enthusiastic and dedicated teaching professionals
  •  electronic notebook files covering the done classes sent to your e-mail box  
  •  a friendly and comfortable learning atmosphere 
  •  constant monitoring of your progress 
  •  individually tailored consultation meetings
  •  a course attendance certificate

What now ? A first step is up to you. Enroll for Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic,Turkish Portuguese or Greek courses in Krakow.

Then it will be our job to guide you to proficiency in speaking the language of your choice!