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starts on 14th of March.

The enrollment is still open!

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Kif halak? Esh akhbarak ?  If you still don’t know how to answer, pop in! Do so, to find a key to opulence of a language which, almost unchanged, remains in use for 1500  years!  A language which, conveying the arts, sciences, religion and country administration, has influenced thousands of local cultures spreading wide from Central Asia to Atlantic Ocean.

A language which constitutes the entity so mutual for quarter of a billion of Arabic people and hundreds of millions other muslims on one hand, and on another so distant, that two neighboring quarters can distinguish themselves by obvious vernacular differences.

If you asked what’s most fascinating in Arabic, you’d hear : satisfaction coming from speaking and being understood. It’s obvious – you may say. We agree, but none, virtually no other nation will grant you will so much enthusiasm for you speaking in its language…

Why would I need it? - You may ask. Twenty years ago Arabic might have been viewed as more than exotic as opposed to 70’s and 80’s when in the Middle Eastern petrol countries polish compounds were growing like Topsy. Now, after tragic occurrences of  9/11 and Arabic Spring it has become much more popular. Paradoxically, this difficult time for the Western World, despite the odium it incurred, has made the interest in the Arabic culture increase. Hence, we encourage you – don’t be a passive observer of media content and ready-made comments and stereotypes. Don’t let the talking heads think for you. Learn with us and feel the difference of having received a pass for the world which have been so far watched as reflection of a thousand of mirrors…Break them.

Want to have a chat with a just met guide through Sahara or convince a policeman on Talaat Harb square that your taxi driver has had his meter broken…for the last 25 years ? Perhaps you would like to know what a black-eyed Lebanese pop star sings about? For sure you get annoyed by having to watch al-Jazeera in English and it would be just fine to hear it in the original why colonel Ghaddafi was reluctant for a chit chat with the King Abdullah?

And now to get serious – maybe you should take under your consideration, that Arabic besides its unquestionable charm (phonetics! grammar forms construction!), quite easy basic survival version (200 words indeed suits you for starters to go to Cairo and have fun) and arresting beauty of the alphabet ( knuckle down and you’ll get it in a month) is one of the official languages of United Nations and Mediterranean Union?

 So, don’t loose your time ! Start the Arabic course now!