Saturday Morning Polish  :

 A1 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

 A2 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

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starts on 14th of March.

The enrollment is still open!

Check for groups with free places in them.


Dodu don de dix dents, de dedans dont deux dues….Looks impossible to read and pronounce? You can’t be more mistaken! French is one of the most logic languages of the world. Pronounciation rules are clear and easy to apply. That’s why as soon as after a first class you will be able to flawlessly read every sentences and not much later the secrets of French grammar will lay in front of your eyes uncovered.

But hey, that’s not all... Unique traits of the courses at Sensapolis hides in the emphasis we put on cultural exploration of the country the language of which you are being taught. That’s why get set for the unforgotten excursion as if you were travelling a bateau-mouche... Let us invite you for a ,,literary’’coffee in one of the oldest cafes of all Paris, ,,Café Procop’’, a place where Voltaire and Bonaparte themselves sat for hours. Will you fancy a traditional Parisian dinner at a Latin Quarter bistro before we guide you through Alexanders’ bridge into the magical world of Rodin’s sculptures? We will discover the genuine Breton culture and wander around the ancient walls of Nice… should we carry on ? I guess we’ll stop there and let us find out much more during our classes.

It’s worth to get to know the language and riches of the French culture so revered by the ,,frog-eaters’’. They’re so proud of their heritage and they’re right! Try our courses for yourself to join to its faithful apostles!