Saturday Morning Polish  :

 A1 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

 A2 - Sat - 10:00-12:00

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starts on 14th of March.

The enrollment is still open!

Check for groups with free places in them.


Italiano è facile? Ma sì! We’re not tearing the stereotypes down – Italian is really easy! Its speakers will gratefully welcome anybody who at least tries to speak it. So having taken up our course you can already prepare yourself to hear parli bene italiano!

But who would think so taking into consideration that it is almost the same language as the one used by Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca? It’s them who gave their nation a unified, mutual means of communication widely understood across all Italy. But wait a minute! Isn’t that so, that when a man of Naples addresses a Milanese speaker they will sadly not understand each other…

And why would you come for an Italian course to us ? It’s as simple as Italian is: it’s going to be interesting and efficient. We won’t let you bum around during classes. You’ll quickly master at least 1000 words which should be enough for you to get along in Italy.

We will point it out to you that pace is peace and fine means end and why tiramisù leaves you in high spirits! Beside that we’ll play Tombola and travel across Italy in order to get to know its regions, tastes and ways. We’ll try to solve the bamboccioni problem and figure out the third language Italians use – the gesture language. Despite appearances Italy is not only pizza, spaghetti and mafia  - see for yourself with Kasia, Sebastiano, Filippo and Paulina